Calling All Bookworms

book costumes

Any avid readers among you will have fond memories of World Book Day (or Book Week if you’re lucky) every year when you were at school. This year, the 7th March marks the 22nd year of the literary celebration, which has taken place since 1967. Children come together this time of year to talk about books in over 100 countries.

So who organises this huge reading party for kids and what is in all in aid of? World Book Day is a registered charity recognised by UNESCO. Their goal is for every child to own their own book, be it fiction, non-fiction, prose, as well as for all children to be familiar with the joys of reading.

That’s a big goal for a small(ish) charity. How do they do it? They work with a huge number of partners who are equally passionate about books. With the funding World Book Day receives, the charity send out around 15million book tokens to schools across the globe. These tokens are given out to excited children who can exchange them one of a few free stories or put them towards their favourite titles.

Here are a few fun facts for you about children’s literature to get you into the spirit of it

  1. The very first children’s book published in English was Caxton’s edition of Aesop’s Fables in 1484.
  2. Everyone’s favourite cheeky rabbit, Peter, was the first character to be officially patented by Beatrix Potter in 1903.
  3. JK Rowling, the author of one of the most popular series for children (and adults!), Harry Potter, has sold a whopping 500 million copies.
  4. Much-loved writer, Roald Dahl, invented over 250 new words.

Have a look at our range of costumes for your little literature lovers. They’ll be pleased as punch to be their favourite character for World Book Day!