Countdown to St Patrick’s Day!

Irish Hat And Beard

Celebrated on the 17th March 2019, Saint Patrick’s day is the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, Patrick.

It is celebrated all over the world and no doubt at a location near you! Not only is it celebrated by people of Irish heritage,it is celebrated all over the world and it’s always a worthy excuse to party!

Historically, Patrick was born in Britain in 387 into a family of priests during the Roman occupation. As legend has it, he was kidnapped by bandits who took him to Ireland as a slave and ended up being forced to tend sheep. A few years passed and he escaped back to Britain and trained as a priest. After this, he returned to Ireland to spread Christianity. Patrick died on March 17th 461 where he had built his first church.

Today, St Patrick’s day is as much a celebration of Irish culture as the man himself. More and more people from all walks, celebrate by dressing up in green fancy dress and wearing copious amounts of shamrocks which is an Irish symbol.

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