Craziest Halloween Traditions!

Halloween is always such a fun time of year, but some people definitely like to go the extra mile! Halloween is celebrated around the world and every culture has their own traditions. Calling spirits, dressing up in crazy costumes and carving pumpkins are maybe some you’ve heard of, but here’s some that are perhaps a little more obscure…

  • Kawasaki Halloween Parade – One of the most famous Halloween parades in Japan, this event draws in crowds of over 130,000 people! Everyone dresses up in their scariest and most elaborate costumes, and the winner gets an incredible prize (in 2016, this included a trip to Italy!)
  • Day of the Dead – This Mexican holiday sees family and friends gather to celebrate those who have died, and to support their spiritual journey. Many dress up as skeletons with painted skulls, and parades are held across the country.
  • The Jack-O-Lantern – Did you know that instead of pumpkins the original Jack-O-Lanterns of Halloween were carved out of turnips and potatoes? That was before the Irish moved across the Atlantic to America, where they discovered pumpkins were far more practical.
  • Finding Dracula – The fictional character’s home of Romania becomes filled with tourists during the month of October, all wearing garlic and going on hunts for vampires. I wonder if they’ve had any luck?
  • Devil’s night – In the city of Detriot, this tradition is almost as old as the city itself! Traced back to the 19th century, this night of mischief involves pranks such as egging windows, leaving rotten vegetables on doorsteps and throwing toilet paper on trees!