Disney – a few fun facts

Snow White

Snow White

It was expected that Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs would completely fail. In hindsight though, this film was a massive success, but at the time of completion, there was a general fear of it flopping.

No doubt a few sleepless nights because Disney took out multiple loans to finance the movie and even remortgaged his own house for it. Known as “Disney’s Folley” it was believed that the movie would ruin Walt Disney financially. There were huge doubts even with Walt’s wife, Lillian, who also thought the movie would completely bomb.

Dopey was gagged!

It was originally intended for Dopey to have a speaking part but in the end, this bald dwarf ended up being silent as producers couldn’t find a voice that was suitable for him. We can only imagine what he was thinking and really wanted to say!

The Cinderella Complex – Real or Fiction?

She was stuck at home cooking and cleaning for her stepmother and stepsisters while they are off having a good time at a ball. She had a burning desire to be swept off her feet and saved by a Prince Charming and everyone loves this rag to riches story!

Although not being officially recognized as a psychological disorder—the term “Cinderella Complex” was coined by psychologist Collette Downing in 1981. It was an analogy to describe women who are very dependent on men for emotional and financial purposes. It was used to reveal women’s hidden fear of independence and to help some women understand why they feel the way they do when faced with the same scenario.

Animation gets a technology boost

Making cartoons by using a series of drawings was incredibly laborious and time-consuming. Computerized animation allowed an infinite colour palette with blending and rendering never seen before.

Although computer animation was used in very few scenes in the Little Mermaid, Pixar was here to stay and was developed to become the standard for future high-quality Disney releases.

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