Have You Been Invited To A Masked Ball?

Red Lace Filigree Devil Mask

Masked Balls – A Brief History

The history of the Masquerade Ball can be traced back to Venice around the fifteenth century during the Renaissance. These were elaborate dances were held for the elite and upper classes of society. The Masquerades also included pageants, processions, and marriages – so any excuse really!

Because of Venice’s power and influence, this cultural craze spread like wildfire throughout Europe and into the USA. The intreague of hidden guests prompted a guessing game throughout the event to establish who was who but there was also a dark and sinnister side to these events. There have been assassinations documented and tales of jealousy and intreague.

Was This An Early Social Network?

Looking back at the reason why people donned masks is quite fascinating. Today we can tap away on our phones and computers fairly anonimously and because of technology, we can express our opinions to a large degree.

Five hundred years ago and obviously before computers, a variety of masks were worn and many were decorated to express hidden agendas albeit, political or social. Emotional statements and freedom of speech issues were expressed without judgement or recrimination.

Masked Balls still hold the same intreague today as they did back in the day. Have a browse through our range of masks here and order one at a bargain price!