Looking For The Ultimate 80’s Fancy Dress Guide?

Start your search for the perfect 80’s fancy dress or night out right here! We’ve created your Costumes R Us one-stop guide with all the information you need to make sure you totally nail that totally rad outfit instead of feeling left out.

In this ’80s at a glance guide, we show you everything from 80s fashion to those crazy 80s hairstyles, from crimping, neon and Lycra and the infamous shell suit!

So, get ready to strut your stuff! Grab that microphone and jump onto that Kareoke gig to sing Cyndi Lauper, Adam and the Ants & Duran Duran…it’s going to be an action-packed fun night out!

Choose your favorite 80s Outfit HERE!

For the ever-popular 80s fancy dress party idea you can’t help but love this iconic 80s fancy dress image. Wear these costumes alone or paired up with a tutu or leg warmers for an added 80s vibe. Check out these bargains in a range of colours you love!

Sporty Shell Suits

It’s obvious but true that everyone’s favorite get-up from the 80s were those hideous and loud Shell Suits! And the great news for you partygoers is that we’ve got two classic co-ords in pink and blue – these will make the ultimate 80s couple shell-suit lovers! Bung on a permed wig and get into the 80s party spirit – you’ll fit in a treat!

Film and Gaming Cult Classics

A guide to 80s costume ideas isn’t complete without these mad film based costumes. Did you see any of these at the movies? Right now, we’ve got a range of Ghostbusters costumes for your up-and-coming fancy dress party. Choose between the famous beige boiler suit or an inflatable Marshmallow Man or Inflatable Slimer Ghostbuster style Ghost.

Were you a child of the 1980s? If so you may remember that you unwrapped some of the best games and toys on many special occasions like Christmas and your birthdays.

The Rubiks Cube, My Little Pony and Super Mario were iconic but some of our favorites were Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Beetle Juice, Star Wars. Come on over and grab your favorite get-up from our iconic selection of gaming characters.

Nintendo reached its peak in the 1980s, with the instant worldwide hit that was Super Mario! Mario, Luigi, and the gang are still going strong today, so you can dress up in the iconic red and blue overalls and party on power-ups!

Chart Toppers

Were you one of those who couldn’t wait for Top of the Pops on Thursday nights? It was one of the most popular and biggest shows on the telly and most other programs were boring in comparison…

Right now you can dress up as your favorite pop icon and perform those songs that represented your earlier days! Whether it was the beat you loved or a sense of irony or just the lyrics that rang a bell with you, these popstars were destined to be etched in your memory!

Our selection of 80s popstar costumes mimicking some of the greatest singers and bands, some with unique and outrageous costumes that defined the decade. To complete your look. choose from a selection of 80s accessories including all those wigs!

Where Are The Best ’80s Do’s?


Butlins have teamed up with Absolute Radio to bring you some of the biggest and best 80s fancy dress parties in the UK. This is for hardened 80’s fans only! Running at least once a month at all of their resorts, you’ll find live performances, headliners and supporting acts to play an eclectic mixture of your favorite 80s pop.

From George Michael to The Cure, Pet Shop Boys and Kajagoogoo, with their big hair and fancy dress, so make sure you bag the best outfit from our selection.

Tropicana Nights

These night-outs are becoming hugely popular and are specifically for over 25s. Hosted at club nights bringing “pure 80s vibes” to various venues around the UK.

Whatever the size of your group, you’re sure to be in for a real treat as everyone gets a goody bag too.

This is your chance to get in the groove with your 80s outfit. So, whether you want to stand out from the crowd or mingle, you better choose a good outfit!

Rewind Festival

The biggest and possibly one of the best 80s festivals the UK is the Rewind Festival. This will be your best chance to capture the essence of the ’80s at a festival…

A full-on open-air weekend of partying away to your favorite tunes, with big 80’s musicians and tribute acts that keep you entertained. There’s no excuse not to dress up because there’s even a fancy dress competition. You could win it if you were in it!

So, there you have it and now that you’ve got your 80’s event to choose from, you can revive your 80s teen youth by reliving it in the best way possible.

This is how you make memories with friends and get your selfies on Instagram but best of all, party like your back in the 1980’s again!

Heading off to any festivals this summer? Watch out for our upcoming blog post!