Not Long ’til Halloween 2019!

We know that this is a bit early but you really don’t want to leave your Halloween costume to the last minute do you?

The Halloween party spirit has spread like wild-fire in the last ten years. Dressing up is an essential part of this night of fun as we approach October 31st.

With a massive choice of fancy dress costumes whether it’s for trick-or-treating youngsters or wild teenage parties and grown-up gatherings with ghouls and zombies, Costumes R Us have the perfect choice of costume for you this Halloween…

There’s no question to many that Halloween is one of the best times of the year for a fancy dress bash – you don’t even need an excuse! It’s reasonable to say that people of all age groups can get involved in this night of fun as it’s become a family-friendly occasion.

What will you wear this year?

Start simple – the basis for a simple Halloween fancy dress is easy to have a base layer. Start with black leggings or tights (this can apply to males and females!) and wear a tee-shirt as a base layer. It will probably be a bit cooler in October so you may want to use the layered approach. After this just add tails bat wings and capes for your transformation. Then you’ll need some face paint and a clever artist to finish off your look.

Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes Delivered

Costumes are available everywhere and we want to make it an extra special Halloween. At Costumes R Us, we have a few treats for you this coming year, our Halloween fancy dress range consists of full suits and accessories which can be delivered directly to your door, wherever you are in the UK. Check out our fancy dress for Halloween range here.

If you’re not too fussed about going over the top and want to join the fun a single well-chosen accessory like a bat cape, vampire fangs or a pointy witch hat will do. Just enhance your look with some Halloween face paint to scare the neighbors whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Halloween fancy dress costumes really don’t have to be conventional. So, why not try something a little bit different and mix it up a bit?

We reckon we can help you find the perfect outfit for your occasion, from fairytale favorites with a twist to horror movie characters to scare the life out of your friends and neighbors. We have everything you need here on our Halloween fancy dress page.

Halloween Fancy Dress for Boys

From toddlers and little ones – these costumes are easy to put on and move around in. Of course, these outfits aren’t too terrifying being a bit more toned-down. Whether they will scare the neighborhood remains to be seen though!

For older boys, think vampire costumes or skeleton suits otherwise they could choose something familiar yet unrelated to Halloween.

A clever twist comprises of scary pirates or cowboys with a slash of ghoulish face paint. Choose werewolves and zombies for older boys as these can be a lot scarier. A complete mask may be all that’s needed for a fun-packed night out. They may want to dress as a favorite character, in which case a ghole, the Joker and Frankenstein are perfect themes. Add some accessories like skull canes or wolf hands to finish the look!

Halloween Fancy Dress for Girls

Little girls love friendly pirates and witches also bees and bugs with a twist, all work well. As they get a bit older you can accessorise their costumes with face paint and accessories to make them that little bit freakier!

Just a simple tutu for the very young will make them feel part of the dressing-up fun.

Devilish gholes and lady vampire costumes are great for the older girls and their friends and we have some uber amazing costumes.

Halloween Fancy Dress For Teenagers

This is the age when their friends can handle a bit more spooking! So, costumes for boys are more likely to include some pretty creepy masks and gloves.
Meanwhile, the girls want to look good in teen-witch, teen-devil and zombie looks. When paired with heaps of make-up and liberal amounts of hairspray and wigs.

Halloween Fancy Dress For Women

The only limit is your imagination so let it run wild!

Adult fancy dress means going all-out and getting completely into the spirit of Halloween. Consequently, these Halloween costumes have more detail and some quite horrific effects. There’s a load of different witch looks to browse through, from the pretty to pretty ugly, so pick your preference! The ghostly-bride look is always a favorite well as vampires and devil horns.

Halloween Fancy Dress For Men

This is where things can get ugly – really ugly!

For the sophisticated, a classic vampire look will suit perfectly. For those who like to push the boundaries, werewolves or ghole-type zombies are must-have costumes.

Clowns are given the terror treatment with our costumes also cowboys, pirates, and gangsters – or how about a ghost groom to match your ghoulish zombie bride?! If you don’t want to go to great lengths, take a look at our selection of masks – you may just want to remain anonymous!