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Steampunk is here to stay!

For all your fancy dress costumes Steampunk is here to stay! Steampunk is a fun sub-genre of Science Fiction with an historical edge which customarily features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced modern-day technology. Steampunk has a huge following and dominates the world of Cosplay at Comicons and anime expos worldwide; it is a fast-growing popular style of design and fashion for fancy dress and costumes that combines historical elements as an homage to vintage Victorian fashion with a modern, sassy post-apocalyptic twist!

Steampunk has got a massive following across the globe and entices people from all walks of life. Steampunk fashion is, at its heart, based on the Victorian style of fashion, but it is embellished with and influenced by Steampunk science fiction. Some people even wear Steampunk-influenced outfits in everyday circumstances – especially if their career is in the creative circles; but most of the time regular Steampunk clothing is often reserved for special occasions, such conventions and expos. There is even a museum exhibition dedicated to Steampunk art. It showcases the work of 18 Steampunk artists and draws over 70,000 visitors. It includes fashion and machinery.

Vintage-inspired Steampunk for any event

is For the perfect post-apocalyptic look with a bit of vintage gangster flare and industrial western cyberpunk, Costumes R Us has got your imagination covered!

Why not try out our range of Steampunk costumes! Costumes R Us Steampunk fancy dress costume is perfect if you’re feeling a bit retro-futuristic or want to look edgy and industrial with a 19th Century twist! You can pair it with our incredible accessories for a devastatingly head-turning post-apocalyptic outfit and survive the dangers of this new Victorian sci-fi world you’ve just stepped into.

With our safe and secure purchase options and shipping, your Costumes R Us Steampunk costume is sure to impress any cosplay or sci-fi fan – even lovers of vintage fashion! Whether you’re attending a Steampunk event, comic convention, role-playing or just want to stand out from the crowd on Halloween and New Year’s Eve, our Steampunk costumes will help you achieve a memorable look!

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