Roman dress to the Maximus

roman dress toga gladiator

Roman dress is one of the most commonly used themes for parties. With simplicity at the heart of the Roman look, it is extremely distinctive attire. Whether you choose to be a Roman Centurion or townsfolk, turn heads with a headpiece, robe and accessories. Let’s have a quick look at a few key pieces worn in the Roman times.

Tunics were worn by slaves, soldiers and Roman citizens. They were adorned differently and died various colours which indicated the wearer’s status in society. Togas were a simple, wraparound garment with one arm exposed. These were often made of wool. Other materials used and produced in ancient Rome were linen and hemp, while silk and cotton were imported for a pretty penny and worn by the upper classes. Women often wore a stola, a variation on the toga which was a long pleated dress.

Headpieces are pivotal to achieving the Roman look. Often, golden laurels are worn to hark to victory and honour. These were worn by Roman commanders after a successful battle.

Another distinctive part of Roman dress are the sandals that have straps up to the knees. These were worn by soldiers and civilians alike and constructed with leather. Leather was also used to make belts in Roman times. Other animal skins were used as outer garments by Roman nobles as a symbol of power. Both bear and wild cat skins were popular!

Roman jewellery was very important, signifying wealth and power to the owners. Gold, silver or bronze bracelets, earrings and necklaces were common pieces collected by women and some men. Armbands called armillas were awarded to Roman soldiers for gallantry.

When going into battle, Centurions donned adorned helmets called galea to protect their heads. Crests of horse hair or plumes are typical additions to many galea. It goes without saying that protective gear such as shields were held and swords wielded in the battlefield by soldiers. The characteristic Roman armour (constructed with metal strips attached to a leather base) was worn mostly by legionaries.

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