To beard or not to beard – facial hair to transform your look

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Growing and trimming ones facial hair has gone in and out of fashion like nobody’s business. Throughout the ages, beards and moustaches have had different connotations for the nation: uncleanliness, valour, manliness, stupidity to name a few.

In the 18th century it clean shaven all the way but by the 19th century beards were all the rage! Without hair, men in the Victorian age were seen as effeminate and nearly all MPs had beards or moustaches. Recruits were even handed out goat hair moustaches in the army if they were unable to grow one. Upper lip hair was big again in the 70s. Shaggy downward pointed moustaches made hipsters irresistible. Beards seem to be the height of fashion once again!

It is no wonder that one of the simplest accessories in the fancy dress world is so popular. Instantly transform yourself into someone else or transport yourself back in time with the addition of facial hair! It is possible to make yourself mega manly or utterly ridiculous by just sticking a hairpiece to your face.

There are several iconic beards that we all know well. Everyone loves the curly white beard and ‘tache of Father Christmas. Another one that transports you immediately to the fantasy world is that of the wizard. Long and dainty, often white, these goatees give one a magical appearance.

You can rapidly change your nationality for a party by switching up your whiskers. If you fancy yourself as a frog don a French moustache with a bushy middle and curled ends. A skinny long moustache will turn you into a Chinese warrior, while a thick black bush above your lip can make you a Mexican cowboy. Another distinctive look is the Cossack, achieved by strapping on a bushy beard.

Alternatively, bunging on some extra hair can let you become your favourite celebrity or character. How do you fancy being Captain Jack Sparrow, Charlie chaplain, or your favourite detective with a quick stick?

Eyebrows – on fleek? Instantly become someone else with false brows. Side burns are also particularly striking! Not for the fainthearted, these will make eye-catching additions to any look.

Whatever it is that you need for your New Year parties, don’t wait to grow your own! Check out our vast collection of facial fluff here.