Unique Christmas Traditions!

Every family has their own Christmas traditions, whether it’s leaving treats out for Santa, putting up a Christmas tree, or just eating way too much! But in some places in the world, things get a little bit crazier. We’ve found some wonderfully weird traditions from around the world, maybe we should start taking part?

  • Krampus, Austria – In Austria Santa Claus’ evil accomplice Krampus makes a visit to the country. The folklore figure searches for ‘bad’ children to punish, and many dress up as the half-goat, half demon creature and prank their neighbourhood homes. Hmm..we’re not sure that this would add much to our Christmas spirit!
  • Spider Webs, Ukraine – This tradition is not for those who fear spiders! Instead of baubles and tinsel on the Christmas tree, Ukrainians use decorations that look like shimmering spiders’ webs. This tradition comes from a tale about a poor widow who could not afford to decorate a tree for her family, and the spiders in the house took pity on her and decorated the tree themselves!
  • Donald Duck, Sweden – At 3pm every Christmas Day, Swedish families gather to watch a 1958 Donald Duck Christmas cartoon. This quirky tradition dates back to the 1960’s where televisions were new in Sweden and only had two channels, and one would play Disney cartoons at Christmas. More than 40% of the population still tune in to watch ‘Donald Duck and his friends wish you a Merry Christmas’.
  • Red Underwear, Spain – Wearing red underwear around Christmas may not be unusual, but running through the streets in just the underwear takes it to another level! This happens every year in the small Spanish town of la Font de la Figuera. People run through the freezing cold town in just their underwear, maybe give it a try!
  • Santa’s Address, Canada – The Canadian postal system actually recognises the address for Santa Claus – North Pole, Canada, HOH OHO. The letters sent to this address are opened and answered by 6000 helpers Canada Post hire, and each letter is answered in the language it comes in, even braille!

Which tradition was your favourite?

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