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Dress up like a Dragon Slayer on St. George’s Day.

April 23 marks St. George’s Day in England. Pay homage to England and the Knight who slayed Dragons in style with Costumes R Us St. George’s Day fancy dress..! Or paint your face to celebrate your favourite England team or event. Whatever you choose, we have got you covered – see below for costumes and accessories.

Who was St. George anyway?
Whilst English schoolchildren are taught that he was a brave Knight who slayed Dragons there is much more to the historical figure – so get your St George’s Day fancy dress costumes here and celebrate this legend in style!

According to legend, St George was a Roman soldier born in (now modern-day) Turkey around 280AD. He died around 303. For such a young man he had an exciting life as a soldier and legend has it that he slayed dragons to save children from being eaten. The myth of St George slaying a dragon originally appeared in stories which were brought back to Europe by the Crusaders in the 10th and 11th centuries.

He stood his ground and remained true to his Christian faith when Emperor Diocletian ordered that all Christian soldiers in the army should be expelled. Sadly he died for his faith and this is why King Edward III made St. George the country’s official saint just after he came to the throne in 1327.

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Boys Fancy Dress

Child Crusader


Boys Fancy Dress

Crusader Boy


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England Bandana + Eyepatch


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England Hairy Chest

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England St George Flag


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England St George Sequin Ties


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Knight Boy


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Lion Heart


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Snazaroo 18ml Tubs