Tackling the January blues

January seems to be a month lacking in fun and excitement, after Christmas, everything seems a bit more dull and boring. The return to everyday life can be hard after just having a lovely Christmas break, washing dishes, paying bills and going back to work catches us by surprise… So instead of wallowing, accept that January is going to be less fun than the festive period and focus on the good things that have happened during Christmas, the time spent with family and friends is something to be happy about rather than being sad it is over. Here are a few great ways to help you beat the January blues:

  1. New Year’s resolutions… we have all fallen victim to making New Year resolutions which just completely fail by the end of the first week in January. By failing to stick with our resolution, we add more negative energy to January blues by using our failure as a stick to beat ourselves with. When deciding a New Years resolution, ensure you believe it is possible and realistic in terms of time, finance and other commitments. Consider setting out smaller, more achievable goals to get you started towards your ultimate goal.
  2. Good, healthy relationships are our key to happiness due to scientific research. In January consider which relationships you want to improve or enjoy more of.
  3. Get some daylight! Instead of staying indoors during the beginning of the year, plan a regular walk at lunchtime at work or at the weekend, when the sun is still up. Winter sunlight can positively impact our mood and January tends to be drier than November and December. As Billy Connolly always says: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Wrap up and get out there.
  4. Self-reflection at the start of a new year is a valuable thing to do. We can end up analysing all aspects of our life and come to the depressing conclusion that everything needs attention.
  5. Plan a holiday! Getting a holiday booked and in the diary is a perfect way to tackle the January blues, it does not have to be an expensive trip overseas, you could just plan a few days or a ‘staycation’. It gives us something to look forward to as much as a trip to the sun. However, obviously after Christmas; this could be a struggle, but there is nothing to stop you getting some ideas and starting to plan!