Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff? Which house are you?

harry potter costume

Which house do you belong to? The age old question. If you’re a Potter fan (and, who isn’t!?) then, no doubt, you’ve always wondered which house the sorting hat would shout when it was placed on your head as a first year. You’ll have dreamt of the moment that you’d join your family at their table in the ceremony in the great hall just before the mouth-watering banquet (dream worthy in itself!).

For each house there are positive and negative character traits that you’ll find (maybe deep) within yourself. So, let’s get into the spirit of it and pretend you’ve just arrived at Hogwarts. Chuck on your robes (have a look at ours here), grab your wand and take a seat…

To be in with a chance of joining Harry in the house baring the lion mascot, you’ll need to be brave above all other things. So if you get the willies when watching the final film then you probably don’t belong here. Daring and athletic, there is no doubt that all the cool kids are in Gryffindor. Who wouldn’t want to be best mates with a Weasley? “Do what is right” is the house motto. But arrogance and self-righteousness come hand in hand with taking the noble road.

If you haven’t got the balls of a Gryffindor, and you’re a bit of a brain box then, chances are you belong to the Ravenclaw clan. This house is known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity and knowledge. “Do what is wise” is the motto they strive to follow. This house also has the an awful lot of lookers! Arrogance is also a given for those in the house with the eagle mascot as they are a bunch of really clever and beautiful witches and wizards.

Hufflepuff have an awful lot of admiral characteristics. Friendly, humble and hardworking, this is a house full of good people!  Unfortunately, this is also associated with a lack of drive. If you’re a Hufflepuff, then most likely you’re not going to end up as a renowned witch or wizard. With a badger mascot, if you’re a Hufflepuff then you’ll also have your fair share of patience and loyalty. You tend to always put others first and are generally a really nice person, well done!

Slytherin. Now, you’re not necessarily evil, just because the sorting hat chooses to put you in the dungeons (that’s where your common room is). There are certainly a few positive qualities you possess if you’re destined for the house of the serpent. You will be resourceful, ambitious, and of very strong lineage. You’ll also have arrogance, selfishness and hunger for power in abundance (this is why Slytherin produces the most dangerous and notorious folk (e.g. Voldemort).

So there we have it. I’m sure you’re pleased as punch with your house. Unless you’re a humble Hufflepuff, that is. Do we have to go back to muggle world, now?