How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is always an incredibly fun time of year. There are parties, celebrations and fireworks – starting the new year with a bang! We all welcome the new year in different ways. Some people make new years resolutions (and rarely stick to them) but there are some other traditions from around the world that you may have not heard of:

  • Eating Grapes, Spain – In Spain, many people believe that eating 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve will bring good luck, 12 months of good luck in fact! This tradition dates back to 1909, when there was a huge grape harvest and the King decided to give the excess to the people for New Year’s Eve.
  • The Sea Goddess, Brazil – In Brazil many people throw white flowers into the ocean as an offering to the Goddess of the Sea, Yemanja. Every year thousands of people take part, hoping that she will grant their wishes in the coming year. Other offerings also include objects of female vanity such as jewellery, perfumes or lipstick. These are often sent out in small wooden bowls.
  • Plates, Denmark – Why not throw some kitchenware at your friends and neighbours doors on New Year’s Eve? In Denmark, it is believed that finding broken dishes outside your door in the morning means that you will have good friends and good luck going into the new year.
  • Round things, the Philippines – In the Philippines roundness is thought to represent prosperity, so on New Year’s Eve locals wear polka dots, fill their pockets with coins and eat circular fruits. So remember to stock up on oranges and spotty clothing if you want to be rich in 2019!
  • Out with the old, Naples – In Italy people will toss everything from old toasters to fridges off their balconies. Getting rid of old possessions symbolizes having a fresh new start. However, to prevent serious injuries, most people stick to just throwing small and soft objects, however you still should watch your head if you travel there this time of year!

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